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Kibeho pilgrimage safari – 3 Days

Kibeho is a small town in southern Rwanda where a group of young people, notably three girls reported visions of Mary – the mother of Christ beginning in 1981 

and they occurring until 1989,  Those visions – apparitions were sanctioned by the Catholic Church and public devotion was also sanctioned in 1988 and the apparitions were declared authentic in June of 2001 by the Vatican.

In the apparitions of the Virgin Mary among many other themes, there was a foretelling of what was to come in the Spring and Summer of 1994 with visions of rivers of blood and mutilated bodies – those 100 days of sorrow – the Genocide against the Tutsi People where a million people were cruelly slaughtered.

The carnage even reached the “Our Lady of Sorrows Church” – it became one of the worst places to be during the genocide – 28,000 people are said to have lost their lives here in what was to be a safe haven – a Holy Place of refuge became a den of death and the church was burnt down by the Interhamwe.

Today – once again the Kibeho is a place of peace and pilgrimage – thousands come here from all over Rwanda, Africa and beyond to see this Sanctuary and Shrine in the Land of a Thousand Hills – Rwanda.


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asafaKibeho pilgrimage safari – 3 Days