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M.gorillas & Primates – 8 Days

Rwanda the land of a thousand hills is also blessed with a number of wildlife species including a variety of primates whose safaris offer great wildlife encounters.

The tales of Rwanda’s primate safaris are very exciting featuring man’s closest relatives and basically how these interesting animals manage daily in the jungle. Rwanda has many primate species however only five of them are usually of interest to tourists and these include the following;

The Chimpanzees 
Inhabiting the deep and thick natural forest of Nyungwe forest national park located in southwestern Rwanda, chimpanzees are among the leading primate attractions in Rwanda probably the 2nd leading primates after mountain gorillas. Nyungwe forest is included the still standing and less disturbed natural forests in east Africa with a number of tree species some aging a thousand years.

The forest environment is just an ideal place and a haven for the chimpanzees that keep on jumping from one tree branch to another.
Chimpanzee here live in groups that range from 10 and more and they usually feed on plant leaves, wild fruits, shoots as well as some small insects. There are trails in the forest that tourists follow as they track the chimps and they do this amidst sightings of a number of wildlife species like birds, plants, insects and other forest dwellers.

Rwenzori Colobus Monkeys 
Also known as the black and white colobus monkeys, the Rwenzori colobus monkeys are other primates that live in Rwanda’s Nyungwe forest national park that are fun to look at. These are covered with black fur with white tail tips, whiskers and shoulders. They also live in groups that extend even up to 200 individuals monkeys. They are also mobile animals that move from one place to another.
These monkeys are endemic to the Albertine rift and can only be clearly viewed from Nyungwe forest national park and mount Rwenzori national park in Uganda.

Mountain Gorillas 
These are the leading primate attractions in Rwanda. They live in the forested of mountains of volcanoes national park situated in northwestern Rwanda. Mountain gorillas are very endangered primate species that were in 1980’s at the verge of extinction but were saved after a series of conservation efforts. Today, Rwanda’s volcanoes national park is the best mountain gorilla tracking destination on the planet with 10 habituated mountain gorilla families/groups. In a day, only 8 tourists are allowed to track a mountain gorilla group, which they spend with an hour.

Encountering mountain gorillas in the forested jungles of volcanoes national park is very amazing and exclusive and it’s an experience that cannot be enjoyed in any other place on the Planet. Tourists interested in being part of the mountain gorilla safari expeditions should endeavor to book their mountain gorilla permit early enough to avoid missing out.

Each mountain gorilla permit is sold at $750 and can be purchased by tourists directly from the Rwanda development board or it can be secured through a tour operator. Mountain gorilla tracking is an all year activity that can be done at any time of the year.


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asafaM.gorillas & Primates – 8 Days